UoM Making a Difference Awards 2022

“Amazing people, doing amazing things for the community and the wider good!”

The Making a Difference Awards recognise the impact of the University of Manchester’s staff, students, alumni and external partners have on the social well-being of our communities and the wider society and offer the opportunity to share best practice about social responsibility initiatives and encourage others to get involved.

The awards offer a great opportunity to highlight a wide range of issues our community/world is dealing with and acknowledge the people tackling those issues through various projects. This year we have talked about everything from using data to help local councils make positive changes in understanding climate, to using graphene based concrete to create sustainable roads, all the way to promoting LGBTQ+ projects in schools and developing new audio compositions using the sounds of the forests.


Shot over two days – we interviewed 18 participants to give context to each project.

The green screen setup was specifically used to maximise shooting time and allow for more creativity in post.




In regards to post production, the videos had the hexagon elements of branding as a fundamental starting point for our creative approach. Both intros and outros used the purple hexagons as a central focal point, while the middle section part of the films used a similar style transition to move in between interview angles or b-roll sequences.

Another important element of the final edit was the semi parallax effect used for the backgrounds – these were created by using multi layers of photographs of the campus, covered by a layer of dust particles to convey a visual separation and create depth.