UoM Faculty of Biology, Medicine & Health – The Challenge

“At the moment, not all students appreciate the benefits of flexible learning because it’s misunderstood.”

With every project that we take on board we first try to understand who our audiences are and what problem we are trying to solve. When the Faculty of Biology, Medicine & Health got in touch with us to help them reach their students and explain what Flexible Learning is, we first sat down to discuss and understand what the raised issues are: main one being that flexible learning was seen as ‘traditional’ lectures posted online. So we had to change that.

Delivered by students and academics alike, we aimed to showcase the multitude of assets and learning possibilities that flexible working brings with it. Flexible learning is more inclusive, better use of time, has richer content to complement on campus learning/placements. It also offers students the choice of when and where to work.




So we went to the sources and captured exactly those elements that make flexible learning amazing. Our video production captures multiple scenes and locations of the student campus where students could find themselves throughout their year of study. We showcase both the online and in-person aspect of studying – not excluding the one-to-one sessions with the academics.

The video has received great feedback from staff involved in flexible working.