The University of Manchester – Stellify

“Every student and each programme of activity they embark upon through Stellify, is unique and we want to capture that”

The Stellify programme was introduced to staff and students in 2016 and the diversity of experiences on offer made Stellify tricky and difficult to grasp for those unfamiliar with it. This 8 episode project delivered an insight into the various experiences and personal stories that Stellify celebrated.

Each and every episode was unique – playing on the stories of the students behind them. From volunteering and helping elderly people, to enabling women to access free sanitary toiletries, we captured the essence of these stories by spending a day with each student. We followed them up close on their journey.

This required us to be flexible and ready to take action in any given moment – and we did!




From travelling across Manchester to capture the different moments, to being part of their graduation – we made sure to get everything that we needed to give their stories shape and substance.

Each film is narrated by the individuals who share their personal story. – it only makes sense to give both voice and image to these amazing projects.

Throughout this project we’ve had the privilege to meet some amazing people and be a small part of their journey. Thank you!