AGL Values – The Challenge

“We’re relaunching our values and we want to create a video to help people understand them better.”

From the first moment AGL got in touch with us to help with this project, we knew that the people within this business were at the core of this video. Without them there were no values – there was no message to send. With that in mind we’ve suggested that instead of going the usual corporate route of having your CEO talk about the shared values – we should let business voice their own take on what these values meant. And by business we mean the employees.

The visual concept is simple – let each and every interviewee shine and bring the values to life in their own unique way. The use of bold colours helped stage our interviews by bringing an imaginary spotlight in the middle of their office – this gave our amazing protagonists a safe space to engage with us and share their experiences.





For the purpose of the video and with the intention of capturing unique and unscripted reactions – we conducted all interviews off camera and tricked our protagonists into believing that we were doing just a run through the questions when in fact we were filming the real deal. SURPRISE! What came out was an honest and relaxed delivery that not only improved the quality of the overall edit – but it brought emotion and gravity to the values. To use their own words – “We love how natural it feels”.