What is behind the scenes footage and how do you shoot it?

Behind the scenes or BTS footage is all about a sneak peek into the ‘secret’ world of creating products and shooting videos. Whether it’s an advert, television show, or even the build-up to a live performance, BTS footage is shot alongside the usual filming.

So, we ‘normal’ humans who don’t get to work on a movie set every day see how it all works and what goes on. And let’s face it, we love being taken along for the ride in any way we can.

What Is Behind the Scenes (BTS) Footage?

Behind the scenes footage isn’t anything new, but its popularity has soared in recent years. Why? Because everyone is nosey and wants to know all of the gossip. But of course, it’s not just that; people are genuinely interested in how movies and shows get made.

BTS footage isn’t just for big movies and television, though. More and more brands are hiring cinematographers to capture behind the scenes footage for the making of their adverts and campaigns. It allows brands to showcase who they are and what they’re all about, and it’s a clever marketing tactic.

People love BTS footage because it is raw or ‘unedited’, so there’s a more human element to brands and people they love. Of course, we all love a beautifully crafted video that’s impressive to look at, but we can connect to a brand more powerfully when we see the humans behind it all.

How to Shoot Good BTS Videos?

We’ve established that BTS footage is raw and unedited, but that doesn’t mean you can point your phone camera at people and hope for the best. After all, you’re still representing your brand, movie studio, or whatever it is.

So, follow these tips below to get the most out of your BTS footage. It’s time to draw your audience closer to you.

1. Focus on Daily Life

The entire point is to show the world what’s going on daily. You have to remember that consumers are completely detached from the process of making a product, movie, or advert.

So, document what you and your team are doing each day and show your audience the processes you go through. It may seem a little mundane to you, it being your day job and all, but it will be fascinating to your audience.

2. Plan to Share the Plan

Okay, making plans may be the bane of your existence, but your audience wants to know how you plan things. So take your audience with you from start to finish, from planning to execution.

Seeing how you launch a product or prepare for a shooting day will enhance your audience’s experience with you. They want to know all the deets!

3. Involve… Everyone!

Building a brand is all about having a brand identity. Without the faces of the team that make up the brand, your audience will find it hard to relate.

People relate to people, so you need to showcase every team member in your BTS footage. Show the producers, writers, photographers, editors, everyone! Your audience is more likely to trust the humans on your team than a carefully crafted company you’re putting out into the world.

4. Storytelling Is Key

At The Eastern Blok, we know that a captivating story is the best way to grab people’s attention, share information, and form a bond. So don’t be fooled into thinking that shooting your BTS footage willy-nilly is the way to do it.

Of course, you want that raw element but think about the stories you want to tell, too. If you keep the story at the forefront as you film, you’ll find endless stories within your footage when it comes to putting it all together.

Telling a solid story will draw your audience in to connect with your brand on a deeper level.

what is behind the scenes footage

5. Audio Matters

A slightly shaky camera never hurt anyone, especially in terms of BTS footage. Bad audio, however, is a serious no-go.

When shooting BTS footage, there’s still that element of professionalism and quality that you need to consider. You’re capturing what happens behind the scenes, and people want to hear all about it. Yes, they want to see it, but those conversations with the team are what is going to build that connection.

So, do yourself a giant favour, and focus on capturing the best audio you can. A shotgun mic on your camera and some lav mics for individual people will go a long way.

Why Are Behind the Scenes Videos Important?

We’re all human, and humans crave interaction, connection, and the feeling of belonging. So if you don’t utilise behind the scenes videos, then you’re missing a huge trick.

Behind the scenes footage is the perfect way to make your audience connect to you on a deeper level and feel like they’re a part of your brand. Inviting your audience to see the ‘secrets’ of what you do can have endless benefits.

For example, BTS footage can increase trust and loyalty, which is what every brand strives for.

So, whether you’re a brand wanting to sell more products or a movie franchise wanting to sell more cinema tickets, BTS footage is the way to do it. Your audience can’t literally be with you for the journey of making a movie, but you can give them the next best thing.


If you wouldn’t love to see some backstage, behind the scenes, secret footage from your favourite TV show, you’re lying to yourself. We all love to see the inner workings of video shoots because being a part of that world isn’t day-to-day for most of us. We feel special and involved when we get to see that type of footage.

Using BTS footage is a brilliant way to connect to your audience as a brand and build trust and loyalty. Follow the simple tips above, and your audience will love the extra effort you’ve put in to involve them on your journey.